437 miles: Plymouth Mountain via Plymouth Creek & Meadowlark Trails, Deer Creek Canyon Park, Littleton, CO

Date: November 1, 2020

Miles: 6.2 miles

Elevation Gain: 1453 feet

Difficulty: Moderate

Time: 2 hr 30 min total

Trail Head:



I can’t believe this was my first time hiking at Deer Creek Canyon Park! This is a really scenic open space south of red rocks, with a few different trail systems. We started this hike from Plymouth Creek Trail, which is a hiker only route. From Plymouth Creek, the trail gradually gains elevation— this section has little shade and features views of the foothills and red rocks. Once at the trail junction, we followed Meadowlark Trail to the right— this section gets wider and steeper (also it becomes multi-use). From here, we made the mistake of taking the first Plymouth Mountain trail on the left— instead, you want to continue to the second junction. Or, take the scenic route like we did! At the second junction, the trail becomes steep until the scenic look out. On the way down, we followed Meadowlark Trail to the parking lot for a change of pace. This trail was a steeper decline, but shorter. Great hike!

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